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Extramarks Learning App: Making Learning, Engaging, Interactive & Fun

  • The Extramarks Learning app is a unique one-stop solution designed and developed to help students to learn, practice and test.

  • The Learning app is an integration of multiple modules into one application to cater all sorts of learning needs of students from all backgrounds.

  • The target audience for this app is students and learners from all age groups and backgrounds.

  • The project was quite challenging and required immense brainstorming and understanding from a user perspective which makes it stand out from all other projects.

  • Stakeholders and fellow team members wanted me to create a voice for the application that would comprehend with the target audience and improvise the user experience with the help of language.

  • I got the opportunity to work with a group of techies, product managers, UI UX designers, and academicians.

  • I was the sole UX writer cum content creator working on the project.

User Journey

The first step in the process of creating the voice of this application was understanding, developing and implementing the user journey with product managers, UX designers and UI developers.

Guiding Points:

  • In order to develop the content structure for the application, it was crucial to empathize with the target audience and focus on their pain points.

  • The process was complex yet extremely interesting as it allowed me to live and think as a student again.

  • With the help of product managers, business analysts, and UX designers we marked dots and connected them in the form of steps to create a user journey that depicts the typical way in which a user would navigate through the application.

  • An important practice that helped us to complete the process was monitoring the behaviour of users on our old line up of products. This observatory practice provided a detailed insight into the way our user base interacts with our product.

  • Observing user interactions helped us to identify areas of improvement and motivational elements of the products that in turn helped the team to create a better product holistically.

  • Simplifying user journey and reducing intrusion amongst intermediate steps was one the key factors that helped us to create better user flows and UX copies for the app


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Setting-up the Language Guide

During the process of flow creation followed by content curation we felt a need to set-up a language guide that would be followed throughout the application.

Guiding Points

  • Setting up a language guide was vital as it would add an element of consistency through the app.

  • The primary challenge in the process of language guide creation was deciding the target audience.

  • The target audience was diverse and therefore it was very challenging to come up with a universal guide that would do justice to all learners from all age groups.

  • After multiple rounds of brainstorming we decided to setup a simple and generic language for the app that would work for all users. At the same time, add variability in the services and sub-services created for different age groups.

  • The idea was successful and helped me to create a uniform tone for the audience while adding diversity for different age groups all at the same time.

Dashboard Screen

At the beginning of my content curation process I suggested designers to add supporting text to help users to navigate through the app easily with minimal friction.

Screenshot 2022-06-22 at 6.45.37 PM.png

Learn Screen

This section depicts the learn module of the app along with the process and result of copy creation.

The link shows copies that were placed on the wireframe depicted here.

Screenshot 2022-06-22 at 6.46.28 PM.png

Practice Screen

This section depicts the practice module of the app along with the process and result of copy creation.

Screenshot 2022-06-22 at 6.47.00 PM.png

Test Screen

This section depicts the test section of the app along with the process and result of copy creation.

Screenshot 2022-06-22 at 6.47.19 PM.png

User Testing

Before launching the product, I did a testing round in order to reveal possible usability problems.

Guiding Points

  • The objective of conducting testing was to identify gaps and issues with language used in the app.

  • The testing was conducted after the QA release of the app.

  • The test subjects were children and students from different backgrounds who were using the app.

  • Testing was conducted in both remote and moderated modes.

  • The testing provided detailed insights about areas that were complex for the users to understand.

  • The insights helped me to change the language and voice of the application to enhance the quality of usage and user experience holistically.

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