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French Literature

Hello! I am Kapil

I am a writer by profession and an artist at heart. I write in various genres, ranging from creative to technical. User experience writing, aka UX writing, fascinates me immensely. My interest in UX stems from the belief that equitable access to technology and its interaction with linguistics can create a simpler and more inclusive world.

Originally from the City of Nawabs Lucknow, I currently live in Delhi, India. I have a big love for exploring different genres of music, art, and care deeply about animal rights.


I was a child in Lucknow, India. My childhood memories include riding bikes, playing cricket, drawing, and staying outside until dark or until I heard my mother's frantic voice calling me. Despite majoring in Physics in college, I applied concepts of quantum physics to the macrocosm (and to add insult to injury, I failed miserably).


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It all started when....


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