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The Cold-Blooded Leftist Butchery of Indian Culture and Traditions

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Millions of years ago in a land called Bharat Varsh resided people known for their rich culture, traditions, scientific knowledge, art, music, and synergy. They lived in harmony with nature and excelled in every aspect of human life. With their knowledge and peaceful pursuit of 'Moksha,' they identified their place and presence in the infinite cosmos.

The residents of Bharat welcomed all visitors with great respect and love. After all, they believed in 'Atithi Devo Bhava' which literally means that a guest is equivalent to God. They shared their resources, knowledge culture, art, and customs with the visitors without knowing that they might not have the same kind of attitude towards the people of Bharat.

What happened over generations and centuries was the brutal rape and rampant murder of not just the people of this great country but their culture and traditions. Christian and Muslim invaders that visited our land as traders followed a pre-meditated slaughter plan to steal the very essence of our rich culture- The Dharma. Systematic conversions, vandalism of temples and religious scriptures looting people of their own identity, and outright butchery were all part of this plan.

It was obvious to every barbarian that sought to destroy the people and culture of this land that the only way to do so was to attack the backbone of this country- the Sanatana Dharma.

This evil continued even after Bharat fought and got independence from British rule and still continues. Just like Muslims, Christians, and Britishers the left wing continues to slaughter our culture and traditions to gain control.

Understanding the Loss

A colossal catastrophe that coincided with the barbaric leftist butchery of Indian culture and art led to the near-total death of centuries-old traditions of Indian aesthetics. Rasa Siddhant as known in Sanskrit deals with the exquisite expression of the ever-longing beauty of nature and its admiration depicted in the form of various arts.

No other ancient civilization has managed to create and preserve such vivid forms of literature dealing with aesthetics as Bharat Varsh. There has been an intrinsic evolution of aesthetics leading to a unique nomenclature and representation, just as with every other unique gift of knowledge from India like astrology, quantum physics, yoga, and bhakti. It requires years of proper training, grounding, education, and monitoring in itself to be able to understand and interpret the context of these great scriptures.

However, if in the name of freedom of expression if these principles and discipline are violated it leads to the complete destruction of the art and its expression. It is justifiable if this happens in the course of learning as a mistake but it is absolutely criminal to support and justify deliberate warp in the name of creative expression and interpretation.

The Role of Leftist Pseudo Intellectuals and Examples

To begin with, a modern-day example of this warp is the notorious essay called '300 Ramayanas' written by A.K Ramanujan who likes to call himself a writer and a literary critique. Clearly, the essay is an ideological deception that is showcased as an intellectual form of literary critique. Without diving into the nuances and depths of one of the greatest epics of all time the illusory plot of 300 Ramayanas is mere trickery to discredit Maharishi Valmiki of the authorship of Ramayana. The intent behind this evil act is to simply break down the sanctitude and respect that this great epic and Maharishi Valmiki holds across Bharat Varsha modern-day Indian and the world.

Just because Ramayana has several narrations and versions all of them cannot be true is a key point raised in the essay by A.K Ramanujan. This is a classic example of leftist prevarication portrayed as logical arguments that we shall see later. Even if we agree with the deceit of Ramanujan's argument that there is no single version of Ramayana attributable to Maharishi Valmiki for a moment what logical point does it make when we look at all 300 versions of Ramayana that came from different authors in different time frames? Every author and poet paid their respect and tribute to the epic and Maharishi Valmiki.

It is interesting to note that so many authors and poets chose to write only about Ramayana, even though multiple versions existed. Why? The answer is quite simple- the beauty and unsullied depiction of aspects of human life. Poets and authors would have been irresistibly compelled to contribute to this epic in some way to make it a part of their lives through the deep-yearning effect this epic would have had on their minds and hearts. As a literary connoisseur, a person who does not like Ramayana does not understand literature at all. Moreover, the imbeciles who willingly distort these epics should be punished.

From a broader perspective focusing on the political aspects, these literary critiques are a part of a huge communist objective of breaking down our Bharat Varsha by carefully cutting-off everything that has managed to bind this vast nation together. These epics have astoundingly managed to create and preserve cultural unity.

These explosive projects of cultural destruction have been planned and executed in 4 different stages:

  1. Brainwashing our people to look at our art literature with an illusory colonial lens

  2. Creating a state where our art and culture are reduced to mere history and sheer utilitarianism

  3. Using unqualified political brains and non-literary methods, standards to analyze high-quality pieces of literature

  4. Teaching our youth that our culture and art is out of fashion

The strands of these 4 steps are deeply interconnected working in synergy like the legs of a spider to achieve the ultimate goal of looting Bharat Varsha of its cultural identity. The Britishers played a key role in the process which is unforgivable. The Marxists analyzed and learned from the situation and started mixing political ideologies and fuelling rebellion to reach their goal of creating a funny egalitarian state of social utopia. The easiest way to achieve this utopia is to destroy everything that has existed and been preserved till now.

Diving Deep: Destruction in the Name of Demystification

The Sanatani culture and all the art that is born from it holds Ananda as the only and final goal of creating and showcasing art. Contrary to this, the left-wing ideology is not exactly the opposite of the classical notion of achieving Ananda but the annihilation of Ananda.

The path of this toxic and evil communist annihilation of everything that has value in terms of our literature can be broken down as follows:

  • Destroying our art and culture in the name of demystification and modernization followed by dismissing divinity.

  • Giving a political turn and shape to our art and literature for seeking socio-political benefits.

The root cause of all these evil and malicious activities is the same: Distorting and breaking millennia-old traditions and culture which is often branded as 'Brahmanic' by leftists. Logically the term Brahmanic is a politically coined term that has absolutely nothing to do with culture, traditions, art, and literature.

The greatest reflection of dishonesty in the leftist literary critique of our literature is that none of them have actually read our scriptures completely even in the form of broken-down translations. One example worth mentioning here is Girish Karnad who theoretically forcefully pushed communist theories of deconstruction by Derrida, and theory existentialism, by Sartre that states "existence precedes essence", meaning that we give meaning to our lives by existing and acting a certain way. According to him, there is no fixed design for how a human should be and no God who provides meaning.

This brings to another modern-day phenomenon gaining traction i.e. liberation of the females. An honest person with some brain in their head who has understood the essence of our scriptures by internalizing our literature will point out that this is not the liberation of females but simply chalking up libertarian ideas by sexualizing characters. There have been several articles from leftist pseudo-intellectuals that vividly describe sexual relationships between characters of the epic like Kunti and Vidur, Sita and Lakshman, Draupadi and Karna. The same articles lay great emphasis on the injustice done with Surpanakha when Lakshman out of anger axed her nose.

The Final Verdict

There is a myriad of politicized writings that are penned down solely for the purpose of hurting the sentiments of Sanatanis and creating distortions. All of this is a result of ignorance. This is very similar to the idea where puncture shop owner Shakeel demands to perform an open heart surgery just because he has expertise in cutting open all sizes of tires and libertarian and secular contemporary India grants him the permission to do so in the name of freedom of expression. After all, he is an individual.

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