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Hi, I am Kapil 
I write, design, paint and create content.

I provide psychology-based copywriting, UX writing, content writing and technical writing services to help you improve your communications.

UX Writing

Text in product interfaces must be clear and useful so that users can reach a specific goal, whether it's completing a form or tapping a button. This includes everything from on-screen help systems to user onboarding messages to in-app notifications to tooltips.


- Microcopy
- Developing brand and tone
- User research 
- Chatbots
- Labelling, nomenclature and technical taxonomy
- Developing style guides
- Usability testing


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Make your brand stand out with powerful content targeted to any segment of your audience. My custom-built solutions will help you implement a plan that maximizes your business's exposure online, regardless of the scale and complexity of the project. 

- One-liners 
- Content strategy
- Social media content
- Catchy titles, headlines and taglines
- Video scripts
- Case study and white papers
- Newsletters and customized feeds

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Content Writing

Your website is the voice of your brand. While engaging in content writing my goal is to communicate the essence of your business in a clear and creative manner.  SEO content writing, done properly, can enhance your brand tremendously. Here is the road map that guides users from discovery to consideration, to conversion.

- Keyword research 
- Competitor analysis
- Blog and article writing
- On page and off page SEO 
- Content optimization
- Google Analytics and Sisense 

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Technical Writing

My technical content development services help users and clients create products, processes, and software applications that will enhance the customer experience, improve quality, and enhance employee performance. Creating and maintaining technical content is essential to how effectively a company trains and supports its employees and partners, as well as how its products are received and used by its customers. 

- Instructional manual writing 
- Standard operating procedures writing
- User manual and product guide writing
- Hardware and software UI writing  
- Patent writing 
- Training material writing

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Home: About



Hear me out! You might have a regular pair of those tacky Jordans that just do the job. They look cool, help you walk and compliment your outfit. Similarly you may have a product copy that does okay. However, a pair of sneakers made just for you might fit you better, or give you a better grip while running or hitting that basket. And let's be honest when you reached for those sneakers, you grabbed them because they just seemed more comfortable. Products are no different.
I believe in creating content that is tailored to your needs, that compliment user journeys and improve your products! 


Based in Delhi, India, Available Worldwide!


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